Fun And Sexy Ways Of Wearing Silk This Summer


Silk is a fascinating fabric. It is fragile, and yet strong. Silk flows smoothly, pretty, extremely soft, and very comfortable to wear. Silk keeps you cool in the summer, making it a great choice for

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Best Colors To Wear In The Summer


Rich and exciting colors are the hot trends of the summer. You will see them everywhere – in the catwalks and on the streets, of course. So is your wardrobe ready for the summer? Why

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Cashmere vs. Alpaca


Cashmere first became popular in the western world sometime in the 1980s when the fashion industry first started using the fiber for sweaters, coats, jackets, cardigans, and scarves. However, cashmere has been used for centuries

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Luigi Colombo


There is no better woolen fabric for your coats, jackets, suits, cardigans, blazers, scarves, and other pieces of clothing than cashmere. Obtained from the fibers of a goat that lives in high altitude India, Iran,

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Cashmere Scarf


A scarf is a very important piece in the winter, and even in the fall. You can have all the protection you need, but it’s not going to help if you are exposed above. Wrap

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Oversized Sweaters


Fashionistas and those conscious of the fashion world would stay away from oversized clothing only a few years back. But that’s changed now. It has now changed completely. In fact, many big fashion industry names

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Knit Fabrics


I love sewing, using knit fabrics whenever I have the time for it. I usually buy the knits online as there is always limited stock in the knit fabric section of my local store. But

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Cashmere Facts


The basic cashmere properties are well-known to anyone. This wool fibre is amazingly lightweight yet warm, and its price is comparable with that on the finest worsted wool. It is also not a secret to

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Cashmere Fabric Guide


Cashmere reminds me of sophistication. It is among the most graceful and elite of all wool fibers. But like pearls and caviar, cashmere too had humble beginnings. Nobody could have imagined that the hair from

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Winter Dressing Rules


Every season has its dressing rules. I am sure most girls know the rules for winter already, but it’s still good to have them all in one place. If you want some reference or want

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V-Neck Sweater


I emphasize a lot on the layering part during winters. Many people think that dressing for the winter is all about dark, gray colors. But it can be very exciting, really. You can mix and

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Winter Europe Destinations


Europe is always a top destination to visit, but the winter could be extra special. There are far fewer people, which means, you will be able to capture the spirit of the place better. You

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Must Have Sweaters


Going on a winter vacation soon? I love my holidays, but this year, I will miss out as I am tied up back home with some work. I love planning and packing for a holiday,

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