What Is The Crepe De Chine Fabric


Crêpe De Chine, which is also known as ‘crepe of China’ is a fine, lightweight plain-woven fabric that has highly twisted yarns. It is made either with silk wrap and hard-spun worsted weft or with

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How To Wear Prints In The Summer


Summer is a great time of the year for wearing bikinis, lace-up sandals, visiting the beach, and of course those rooftop cocktail parties. The summer months are also when I love wearing prints. With the

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Top Ways Of Wearing Wide Leg Pants


There is nothing like wide leg pants when you want to feel comfortable. And there are so many ways of wearing them as well. You can tuck it into your blouse, dress up or down

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Best Colors To Wear In The Summer


Rich and exciting colors are the hot trends of the summer. You will see them everywhere – in the catwalks and on the streets, of course. So is your wardrobe ready for the summer? Why

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Cashmere vs. Alpaca


Cashmere first became popular in the western world sometime in the 1980s when the fashion industry first started using the fiber for sweaters, coats, jackets, cardigans, and scarves. However, cashmere has been used for centuries

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Luigi Colombo


There is no better woolen fabric for your coats, jackets, suits, cardigans, blazers, scarves, and other pieces of clothing than cashmere. Obtained from the fibers of a goat that lives in high altitude India, Iran,

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Cashmere Scarf


A scarf is a very important piece in the winter, and even in the fall. You can have all the protection you need, but it’s not going to help if you are exposed above. Wrap

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Oversized Sweaters


Fashionistas and those conscious of the fashion world would stay away from oversized clothing only a few years back. But that’s changed now. It has now changed completely. In fact, many big fashion industry names

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Cashmere Fabric Guide


Cashmere reminds me of sophistication. It is among the most graceful and elite of all wool fibers. But like pearls and caviar, cashmere too had humble beginnings. Nobody could have imagined that the hair from

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Tweed Jacket


Tweed is a fantastic fabric for the winter. You will get all the protection you need in the cold winter months, and it looks great too. Unlike the traditional suit blazer, the tweed material isn’t

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Winter Fabric Care


Tweed, cashmere, corduroy, fur, silk, and wool fabrics are all very popular during the winter months. They are great materials to stay warm and cozy when the temperature takes a dip. We tend to spend

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Black Blazer Outfits


The black blazer outfit is a must-have in your wardrobe for winter. At least, that’s what I strongly feel. Some girls like to wear it for official meetings, while few like to sport it even

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Winter Fabrics


Many believe, winter is less about style and more about staying warm. I believe you can do both. The right fabrics will keep you protected from the elements, but you can still look very fashionable.

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Italy In Winter


Italy is a top tourist destination, and not just in Europe. You will get everything in Italy, from history, architecture, the Renaissance, an extension of the Alps, beautiful coastline including stunning islands, pizzas, gelato, and

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